At Classic Rock Drum Charts we provide a collection of printable drum sheet music for hundreds of songs from the 50s onwards. You can see our full library of individual charts here, or get the entire discounted collection here.

The Internet sure has changed things. Vast amounts of information and resources are now just clicks of a button away. As drummers we can definitely use this to our advantage. And we try to assist drummers in doing just that.

My dad, James Morton, used to write the “Rock Charts” column in Modern Drummer while also running a mail-order drum chart catalogue with all the charts that he had transcribed over decades of playing and teaching. We are located in the United States, and his mailing list had drummers ranging in location from around the US to Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, etc. He would send the catalogue to these interested drummers and they could get whatever sheet music they needed by mailing back the order form, at which point he gathered up their charts and mailed it to them to complete the order.

Printable Drum Sheet MusicThe whole process took weeks! It was great to be able to provide a useful service to fellow drummers, and he had many that were interested and pleased it was available, but it just wasn’t very efficient. Not to mention all the postage expenses involved.

This was 20 years ago.

But now, thanks to the joys of the Internet, we can offer printable drum sheet music that allows you to immediately download that same growing collection of transcriptions straight to your desktop! The old Pony Express catalogue is a thing of the past. Now you can access this drum sheet music on your computer in seconds, and immediately consume it however is most convenient for you–print it, send it to your iPad, whatever you need.

Plus, now that we can cut out the cost of mail correspondence and provide these charts digitally, we can offer the printable drum sheet music at an even lower price than in his original catalogue. All of our charts range from $1.99 to $4.99, and you can even get the whole collection for $0.61 per chart.

Along with these low prices and convenient delivery, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your songs were transcribed by a reputed professional drummer of over 40 years.

Of course, the printable drum sheet music is in the form of electronic PDF files, which means you can download them straight to your computer in seconds. You’re free to access them immediately so you can start playing right away.

I’m very glad to say that the mailing catalogue is now officially old news. You can now get the drum sheet music from Classic Rock Drum Charts immediately, with the click of a button. Speaking of buttons, you can click this one to get started and check out our whole selection.

Happy drumming,

Kevin & James