Drum Chart Books

Discounted Package Deals

On this page you’ll find a list of all the drum chart books we currently offer. Our drum chart books are packages of the drum sheet music from our digital library heavily discounted (up to 83% off for the Complete Library book) from the already low individual prices you find in the library.

In our chart books you’ll find deals of charts for as little as $0.61 each. Tough to beat, and you can count on the quality of our transcriptions. Each chart has been transcribed by James Morton, professional drummer of over 40 years, author of over a dozen drum books with Mel Bay, and creator of the “Rock Charts” column formerly found in Modern Drummer.

The Complete Library Drum Chart Book

The Complete Library

325 Songs
($0.61 per chart)

Best Sellers Drum Chart Book

CRDC Best Sellers

5-100 Songs
(as low as $0.99 per chart)

Beginner Drum Chart Book

Beginner Charts

10-30 Songs
(as low as $1.50 per chart)

Advanced Drum Chart Book

Advanced Charts

5-15 Songs
(as low as $2.33 per chart)

The Beatles Drum Chart Book

The Beatles

5-20 Songs
(as low as $1.50 per chart)

Soul and R&B Drum Chart Book

Soul and R&B

10-30 Songs
(as low as $1.66 per chart)