From CRDC Customers

Widest and Deepest Collection of Drum Charts

I teach private drum lessons and play drums in many bands, so use of this collection of drum charts is very important. Each chart is well written for use by beginners as well as experts alike. And the wide cross section of songs is great. Keep them coming! Thanks.


from Ottawa, Ontario

Classic Rock Drum Charts to the Rescue!

I have been using the Classic Rock Drum Charts collection for many years. There is nothing better to practice and rehearse to, than these charts transcribed by James Morton.

Classic Rock Drum Charts was a real jewel of a find a number of years ago as the availability of this style of chart for drums and this genre was nonexistent for the average drummer. The Mortons made it easy, economical and provided a wide choice of musical styles to choose from. The charts have improved my musicianship in all areas and I treasure those charts for what they have done for me. My thanks to James and Kevin Morton.

Michael Sheahan

from Waddell, Arizona

A Big Help In Many Ways!

I was very excited when I found Classic Rock Drum Charts. I had gotten bored practicing beats and exercises and wanted to do some play-a-long like I did as a kid. But I also wanted to keep my reading skills sharp (I play a few musicals every year but not enough to stay in shape. And it’s a different kind of reading and playing).

I downloaded the free charts to see what they looked like: excellent! I’d seen a lot of weak stuff on the internet, but this was some of the best: accurate, very clean and well laid out, easy to read. I guess I could have done my own transcriptions. But this is way more convenient.


from De Pere, WI

First Place To Look When My Band Does a New Song

When one of my bands picks a new song to play, I go straight to your website to see if you have a chart for it. They have helped me immensely. Even if I change things up a bit, the chart gives me a great starting point in terms of rhythm, timing and the song form. They are of very high quality, and are presented in a consistent manner that’s easy to follow. Thanks very much!

Chris Ogaranko

from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Great Way To Spend Money & Enjoy

Big Jim Jennings pointed me to your site. It is all he said it would be and more. Never dreamed of a site like yours–a treasure and thanks.

Kenny Humphreys

from Canton, GA