Video: How To Play “Cold Sweat” by James Brown on Drums

In the video below we're looking at how to play a great funky chart--"Cold Sweat" by James Brown. I've often thought that if you can play the tunes of James Brown you are well on your way to becoming a solid drummer. They have breaks, they have syncopation--they have...

Video: How To Simulate A Double Bass Drum Pedal

This video drum lesson features a cool little pattern my dad played years ago that can really turn some heads and surprise your band mates. It's a simulation of double bass drum pedals using your floor tom. So if you don't actually have a double bass drum kit and you...

Video: How To Play A Steve Gadd Beat: Two Ride Surfaces

Steve Gadd was one of the pioneers of creative drumming, and is way up there on the list of my dad's favorite drummers. In this drum lesson video my dad shows you one of Gadd's classic beats, using two ride surfaces. This beat alone is sufficient for a lot of great...

Video: Beginner Drum Lessons: How To Play A Shuffle

So many good rock songs are based on a shuffle. If you get this down people will notice, and you'll be a lot more credible as a drummer. In this video James teaches you a simple shuffle, perfect for those beginning drummers for whom this may be their first time...

Video: Beginner Drum Exercises: Countdown and Mix & Match

These two exercises are very beneficial to proper technique and positioning. If you're in my drum set class you should know that these exercises, along with the Big 5, will be played faster as we progress through the class. If you're not in my class, know that these...

Video: The Big 5: Paradiddles, 2 Single Strokes, 2 Double Strokes

Alright, first we have the common patterns I refer to as the Big 5. From single strokes and double strokes to paradiddles, you will use them the rest of your drumming career. These are patterns that every drummer must get down pat. They're fundamental--a good place to...

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